“Togetherness” in Urbanscapes – 5 Ways to Reconnect
  • Event : “Togetherness” in Urbanscapes – 5 Ways to Reconnect
  • Date : 7, 8, 13, 14 Nov, 8PM – 10PM
  • Venue : Urbanscapes House – GroundFloor

Reconnect & Recharge is a social movement where we reconnect to what really matters. We focuses on cultivating your most important relationship, which is the one with yourself then towards others. Through fun and meaningful human connection experience, we envision an interconnected, healthy and environmentally friendly community. You are invited to build deeper connections with ourselves, our passions and everyone in our life. This is a celebration for togetherness where we gather to love and connect! And, we can’t do this without you! This is a safe space for face-to-face connection. You will be able to share eye contact by looking at each other eyes; to express yourself or to listen with an open heart and open mind; to express yourself and have deeper conversations; to hug with unconditional love; and to be grateful with who you are. FREE entry with 15 slots per session, donations to support the movement are welcome.

1. 7th November (Wednesday, 8PM-10PM)
“Togetherness” : 5 Ways to Reconnect + FOOD
– Food Appreciation
– The Ways We Eat (Vegetarian / Vegan / Normal / Special Diets)
– How Our Diet Affects Our Body
*Feel free to bring your own food to eat or to share. Vegetarian meals can be provided if you book at least 1 day before the event. Whatsapp 0165931762 (Vic) to book your spot & let her know if you need to order vege meal.

2. 8th November (Thursday, 8PM-10PM)
“Togetherness” : 5 Ways to Reconnect + MUSIC
– Create Music Together (using our body parts and/or your own instruments or props)
– New Moon Intention Setting
*Feel free to bring your own instruments or props, a pen and your journal (if you have).

3. 13th November (Tuesday, 8PM-10PM)
“Togetherness” : 5 Ways to Reconnect + MOVEMENT
– Traditional Dance
– Body Empowerment

4. 14th November (Wednesday, 8PM-10PM)
“Togetherness” : 5 Ways to Reconnect + PEOPLE & PASSION
– What’s Your Story?
– Tree of Life

FB event link : https://www.facebook.com/events/318074475657006/