Reimagining Narratives PhotoWalk + Exhibition by Documenting Kuala
  • Event : Reimagining Narratives PhotoWalk + Exhibition by Documenting Kuala
  • Date : 6 Nov 2018, 11:00am – 2:00pm (Day Walk) ; 6:00pm – 9:00pm (Night Walk)
  • Venue : Urbanscapes House – Ground Floor

Come photograph, see, and hear stories of the many facets of our beautiful city of Kuala Lumpur guided by a local photographer Farhan Akmal who has spent countless hours photographing and documenting the streets. You will be guided through and shown many unseen aspects of KL where we will spend time photographing and exploring. Listen to the many secrets and stories, and experience the city as you’ve never before. Farhan Akmal is a KL local and the founder and lead photographer of an initiative called ‘Project DocumentingKuala’. This project aims to tell the many unheard narratives and showcase the many unseen aspects of the city. Do check out Documenting Kuala on Instagram @DocumentingKuala to get a bit of a taste of what is in store for you! Sign up for either a day walk or night walk. Each session can accomodate 15 persons and will end with a presentation by participants. The workshop is free so be early to register! Lookout also for Project DocumentingKuala photos exhibited throughout the Urbanscapes House. Register here: