#ReimagineUs Visual Arts Exhibition
  • Event : #ReimagineUs Visual Arts Exhibition
  • Artist : Ajim Juxta, Aleff Ahmad, Bibichun, BlankMalaysia, Jerome Kugan, Lina Tan, Mei Kei Ho, Nazreen Abraham, NOWORNEVER, Ong Cai Bin, Rico Leong, Syahnan Anuar, Tsa Meera, Talha KK, Titikmerah Collective, Tomi Heri, The Sliz & Yeeleng Ng
  • Date : 3 – 18 Nov 2018, 10am – 10pm (Closed on Mondays)
  • Venue : Urbanscapes House – First Floor

#REIMAGINEUS is a visual arts exhibition inviting artists, creatives and collaborators to reimagine KL city through their own definitions, perceptions and imaginations of what it is that makes up our city and it’s humans.
Presented in rooms, come revisit, rediscover, and reimagine KL city; beyond a scope of current familiarities, into alternate-realities, or perhaps just realities we do not look at. The reimagine crew includes Ajim Juxta, Aleff Ahmad and BlankMalaysia from Titikmerah collective, Bibichun, Jerome Kugan, Lina Tan, Mei Kei Ho & Ong Cai Bin, Nazreen Abraham, NOWORNEVER, Rico Leong & Syahnan Annuar, Tsa Meera & Talha KK, The Sliz, Tomi Heri, Yeeleng Ng. Plus Sharmin Parameswaran.