Lorong Hang Kasturi – the back alley next to the Urbanscapes House will play host to a community festival which celebrates the heart and soul of Kuala Lumpur- it’s people. Together with Think City, we’re joining hands with grassroots community groups DIAM and Yayasan Chow Kit, to bring you Pesta Lorong Hang Kasturi. This uniqiue two-day event features a wide array of activities such as the Kedai Jalanan free market, a photo exhibition by street friends, a silkscreen workshop by Kita Semula Project, performances by cross over musicians Stefano & Synchro and many more! We hope to create a bridge between festival goers and locals through art, music and creativity, building community bonds in our diverse city of KL.

3 – 4 nov 2018
Kita Semula @Pesta Lorong Hang Kasturi
All Day

KITA Semula for Urbanscape 2018’s #ReimagineKL is a collaboration project between Dapur Jalanan KL, Kedai Jalanan UM, and communities around Jalan Panggung.

KITA Semula Artwork Showcase and Installation
All Day

This art exhibition showcases artworks such as printed postcards and paintings produced by members of the community. There will also be an interactive installation that aims to challenge our understanding of home.

Photo Exhibition
All Day

This photo exhibition displays images captured by a group of transient city dwellers, who share the buzzing cityscape of Kuala Lumpur with many of us. Will we see the same Kuala Lumpur?

Gerakbudaya Pop-Up Bookstore @Pesta Lorong Hang Kasturi
All Day

Gerakbudaya will feature a selection of alternative books that share hidden histories of Southeast Asia and the wider world. Recent bestsellers include A People’s History of Malaysia and The Sarawak Report : The Inside Story of the 1MDB Exposé.

KITA Semula Free Market
1 – 3pm

Booths by Dapur Jalanan and Kedai Jalanan will showcase their works with the KL communities. The free market will also include special sessions of free ice-cream goyang, free foods, and a photo booth.

Santai Jalanan
1 – 3pm & 7 – 9pm

What can you gain from an unexpected conversation with a group of strangers in the city? Santai Jalanan provides the opportunity for strangers in the city to meet and exchange stories about Kuala Lumpur and about their
lives. Participants congregate as strangers but leave knowing an extra person in the city. There will be two Santai Jalanan sessions each day and each session is chaired by a facilitator discussing a selected topic.

Ketuk Pintu Guided Discovery Tour
3 Nov: 10am-1pm, 4 Nov: 10am – 11:30am & 4 – 5:30pm

Does our city mean the same for you and I? The idea of Jalan-Jalan is to re-introduce our city from the perspective of others. The exchange of stories, and experiences will take the form of guided tours by locals.Find out how to register here.

Re-Imagining Chant
9 pm – 10 pm

Music is more than having fun and enjoying oneself. It is also an art form and cultural activity that tells the story of heritage. Synchro will collaborate with Stefano Chen in bringing forth a fusion of traditional and experimental music form that pushes boundaries and genre definitions.

Yayasan Chow Kit @Pesta Lorong Hang Kasturi
11am – 4pm

Yayasan Chow Kit is a non-profit organisation that caters to the needs of children around Chow Kit and KL city. Join them as they share their message of waste education. They’ll be displaying their dragonfly sculpture made out of recycled materials from their KL Krash Pad centre, presenting a model landfill to demonstrate where our trash goes, and a ‘Waste 2 Wealth’ upcycling workshop

GEC RiverWalk @Pesta Lorong Hang Kasturi
5pm – 7pm

Join this guided river walk by Global Environment Centre, along the Klang River and learn about Malaysia’s River of Life. Free Walk. Up to 50 pax. Register online here or at Pesta Lorong Hang Kasturi