• Event : Tamasya Anak Muda – A Luncai Emas Showcase
  • Date : 3 Nov 2018, 6pm – 12am
  • Venue : The Bee, Publika

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Margasatwa is a Malaysian Rock group formed by 5 young men from 5 states of Malaysia. Kimal (Terengganu), Syahir Majid (Perak), Fadhil Imran James (Sabah), Shadiq Sapian (Pahang) and Shahir Samsi (Kuala Lumpur). The band developed its sound to elements of Jazz, Malay Folk/Traditional music, Ballad, Psychedelic and Hard Rock to forge a unique Fusion Rock/Ballad signature. They recorded their first demo at Fasola Studio where Shadiq worked as a sound engineer and music tutor. Margasatwa played in gig spaces increasing their fans with different conceptual approach in their performances like reciting a poem, acting and auctioning their own painting. Their theatrical performance and songwriting gives a fresh approach to Nu-Malaysiana and Nusantara Rock music. Later in 2017, the band got its first break when they were signed by the legendary record label Luncai Emas. Their songs are said to move in the direction of the Maestro of Malay songs, M.Nasir. Early 2018 they released a single called Ego and the song had numerous write up and received positive feedback from listeners, industry experts and critics alike. Margasatwa is set to release their debut album end of 2018.