Immersio 2.0 by Filamen
  • Event : Immersio 2.0 by Filamen
  • Artist : Filamen, EEE Lab, Syed Muhammad, Sofia Haron
  • Date : 3 – 18 Nov, 10am – 10pm (Closed on Mondays)
  • Venue : Urbanscapes House – Basement

Immersio 2.0
Immersio 2.0 is a multi-sensory immersive experience combining audio & visuals curated by Filamen involving the up and coming line-up of digital multimedia artists including Saishogen, Cervello, EEE Lab, Syed Muhammad and Sofia Haron. These artists will be taking over the basement of Urbanscapes House as well as public spaces such as Medan Pasar and River Of Life to showcase their unique and interactive new media/digital installations. Immersio aims to become a platform for students, local artists as well as international artists to exhibit and express their work, opening up endless opportunities to grow new media art in Malaysia.

Digital Ting Ting by Filamen
Merging the traditional with the modern. Filamen invites you to reimagine one of Malaysia’s most beloved traditional childhood games in a digital format with new and advanced technology. Come have a game of Ting Ting as you’ve never experienced it before.

Through Times by EEE Lab
Visualised in stylised tones, EEE Lab’s installation brings audiences on a virtual interactive cycling experience through KL past, present, and future. Ignite your imagination and explore the city from a different perspective.

FUTURA by Syed Muhammad
Take a walk with digital data, visualised creatively at FUTURA. This interactive installation aims to raise awareness about data security by reimagining it through generative art, human figure projections, and overlaid visuals.

Disco Ball by Sofia Haron
Travel back to the disco era in this nostalgic installation. Pick your tunes, put on some reflective gear (provided for your choosing), and watch as the colourful lights bounce from you to the walls around you, just like the bright disco balls of the ‘70s!