• Event : Alam Bunyian x Urbanscapes 2018
  • Date : 5 Nov 2018, 4:00pm till late
  • Venue : The Bee, Publika

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Berdosa is a three piece, heavy-laden, psychedelic rock band from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The band consists of Ravi Shankar on Drums, Ezekiel Mavani on Bass, and Afiq Iskandar on Vocals & Guitar duties with a healthy serving of fuzz on the side. The sound can be best described as a dysfunctional, yet amicable marriage between early 90’s alternative metal and the contemporary fuzzed-out stoner rock bands. As far as the influences go, bands such as Deftones, Windhand, Chevelle, Weedeater, Mastodon, Black Sabbath, Tool, Meshuggah (yes, that Meshuggah) and the mighty Electric Wizard are often thrown around the rehearsal space. As a sonic unit, the band pushes the composite boundaries of the arguably comfortable ‘’stoner rock’’ sound by incorporating drop C tuned harsh-noise sequencing, samples, ethnic percussions and even classical strings, while simultaneously retaining downtrodden sludge rhythms, time-warped solos and reverberated vocals. So much reverb. Lyrically, the band draws its influence from challenging the social contradictions, moral paradoxes and authoritarian practices that have become more prevalent in contemporary Malaysia than they ever have been, hence the name Berdosa.