ArtTECH by Nollyz
  • Event : ArtTech by Nollyz
  • Artist : Suzy Sulaiman, Christl Baur, Jun Ong, Eke Omardin, Cheang Lin Yew, Sputniko!, Bono Stellar
  • Date : 17 Nov 2018, 11am -4pm
  • Venue : Urbanscapes House

ArtTECH is a platform supporting the development of new media art in Malaysia through various events such as talks, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, and more. By gathering creative individuals from different backgrounds in one space, ArtTECH offers an opportunity for participants to exchange innovative ideas with one another, thus paving the way for greater collaborations in the field of art and technology. Entry is at RM 30/pax.

Suzy Sulaiman
Suzy is the festival producer for Digital Art + Culture Festival, her practice is an intersection of architecture, art, media and technology. Her projects look at socially engaging people and places where she translates this into community-building projects, workshops and art installations.

Christl Baur
Christl Baur is the curator and project manager for Ars Electronica. Ars Electronica is an internationally unique platform for digital art and media culture. Being both the curator and project manager has involved Baur in the realms of science and research, art and technology.

Jun Ong
Jun Ong is an architect and an artist. His interest lies at the intersection of fine arts and applied arts in the context of Southeast Asia. He is currently obsessed with materiality: coupling low-tech materials with hi-tech application primarily with artificial light.

Daniel Lim
Daniel Lim is a Senior Programme Manager at Think City, a community-focused urban regeneration organisation that seeks to create more sustainable and liveable cities. He has spent more than seven years pioneering projects to activate spaces through placemaking in Penang, Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur. Aside from placemaking, his passion in advocating community engagements has led him to oversee numerous grants and programmes.

Cheang Lin Yew
Cheang Lin Yew is an interactive designer, graphic designer and new media artist. Currently, he is with Supernature Design, Hyperthesis Visual Lab and is also teaching at The One Academy. He has spent the past 14 years in design education and research, as well as received various international recognitions and awards of excellence in interactive design and digital media.

Sputniko! is an artist and an assistant professor. She holds a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, Masters in Design. She is known for her film and multimedia installation works inspired by how technology changes society and people’s values, in particular focusing on gender issues. Sputniko! directs the Design Fiction research group at MIT Media Lab.

Bono Stellar
Bono Stellar is an artist, a designer and a creative director of Stellar Design. She mainly focuses on things she creates and experiments from interior design to art installation. Her previous projects includes set design and art direction for music videos and fashion campaigns, retail branding and interior design.