Alam Bunyian X Urbanscapes 2018
  • Event : Alam Bunyian X Urbanscapes 2018
  • Artist : Endee Ahmad, DèFusion, Patriots, The Filters, Berdosa, Oceanligths, Budak Nakal Hujung Simpang, Kelvyn Yeang, Tilu
  • Date : 5 Nov 2018, 4pm till late
  • Venue : The Bee, Publika

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For the first time ever, Alam Bunyian will be bringing their magical and mystical vibes at Urbanscapes 2018! Famously known for merging artists across different genres to perform on the same platform, they are stepping up their game this time by risking it all at The Bee, Publika on the 5th of November 2018, with artists ranging from acoustic singer songwriter, to heavy post-rock, to pop-punk, to reggae-ska Nusantara and many more!
With a mega line-up of artists including Endee Ahmad, DèFusion, Patriots, The Filters, Berdosa, Oceanlights, Budak Nakal Hujung Simpang, Kelvyn Yeang and Tilu, expect the unexpected as these artists will be performing at their full force, accompanied by superb visual arts consecutively. Not to forget, their unique stage and lighting setup makes for perfect insta-worthy pictures and videos from all angles.

Tickets: RM 30 (Pre-sale) and RM 40 (At the door)

For more information, visit here.